Planning your gardens at Robinsons Rise

At Robinsons Rise, we are passionate about our gardens, with the ability to have fencing at the front of the house we are able to enjoy aspects of both front and rear gardens.

Green landscaping or Eco-landscaping became one of the biggest garden trends of 2018. Low-water landscaping saves you time and money, they require less maintenance and less watering. They’re also quite stunning you don’t always need too much green to make your garden look and feel beautiful. The main goals of sustainable landscape design are to minimize both the input of resources and the output of waste in our yards and gardens. In order to achieve these eco-friendly aspirations, residential garden owners should treat water as a resource, value the soil, preserve existing plants and conserve materials.

The Sustainable Gardening Australia Booklet offered by the City of Melbourne to it’s residents and visitors is a guide for planting private green spaces. Gardening provides many pleasures to many people and this booklet explores the options for greening varied spaces such as rooftops, balconies and smaller back or front yards synonymous with being a Capital City municipality. The booklet provides various tips for creating and sustaining a healthy garden to promote healthier living.

Click here to download booklet :

Over the next few weeks, we will be bringing you the top tips and popular gardens! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and looks your going for in your gardens.