The Miravor Guide to Buying a Home at Robinsons Rise
1. Seek financial advice

Always contact your financial advisor and seek impartial and independent guidance. Discuss all your options before you proceed to buy, especially if you require a mortgage.

2. Secure your block, home and land package or home

The process differs slightly according to what you are buying. Generally, after your finance is approved you will be asked to sign a contract, which should be approved by your Solicitor, and provide a deposit, typically a percentage of the price of the property or land. There are fees involved in buying a house or area of land, including government stamp duty, property searches, legal fees, mortgage insurance and finance loan fees. Please contact us and one of our Sales Consultants can discuss all the relevant costs and discounts available to you.

3. Contract 'unconditional' and transfer of land

Once finance is approved and the conditions of your contract are met, your contract becomes ‘unconditional’, which means you can proceed with your contract, which your Solicitor will inform us about.

4. Design and siting requirements

To maintain standards in the Robinsons Rise community and protect your investment, all homes must comply with the specified design guidelines. Home and land packages, and spec homes can be pre-approved, but in general the builder will need to submit your plans to our Design Support Team for approval.

5. Keeping you updated

From signing the contract to completion, we will keep you informed with regular project updates via email, our secure website and our Real Estate partners. You will also receive a Robinsons Rise community newsletter featuring details about exciting local events in your new neighbourhood.

6. Settlement date

This is the date that the remaining balance of the purchase is due. To avoid delays, contact your financial institution and ensure that the funds will be available prior to the settlement date. Once the relevant mortgage documents are signed, the land title will be transferred to you.

7. Construction

When your block of land is registered and your plans are approved, your builder can start construction after the plans for building works and plumbing are approved. Most builders require ‘progress’ payments, usually divided into five stages: slab down, frame up, roof on, lock-up and practical completion. Your financial institution can arrange these payments for you. Safety is imperative during the construction process and your builder must comply with workplace health and safety regulations. It is important that you do not go on site to view the project until it is safe and your builder is present with you. Your builder should also maintain good progress contact with you throughout the process. You can contact Miravor and we will endeavour to update you with progress and answer any of your questions.