5 Montessori at home activities you can do with your kids to welcome Spring


Spring is one of the most fun times of the year to explore nature with your child. There are just so many fun changes, from baby animals, different birds migrating through, and all of the beautiful rainbows that come from spring showers. 


Especially during the lockdown and you can’t take your child to school, here are a few fun Montessori-inspired spring activities to try with your little one this year:


  1. Get planting! Plant bulbs, seeds, or seedlings. Or all three. If it’s still too cold to plant outside, start seedlings inside. The kids will enjoy watching them sprout. You can try to plant seeds in glass, so we can see the process.
  2. Hang or make a bird feeder. Install a bird feeder in your front yard and in no time the birds will come. Now that they know we’ll feed them, many still visit regularly and you will become a little bird watching family.
  3. Paint outside. What could be easier than painting outside? If you’ve got a bit of grass there’s no mess to worry about! It’ll get cut or wash off with the next mow or rain. We’ve painted old cardboard, wood, rocks, and paper. If you’re in an apartment, perhaps take some watercolors and paper to the park.
  4. Flower arranging Flower arranging is an activity enjoyed by children in Montessori classrooms all year long, but it is especially fun in the spring when your little one can help pick flowers in the backyard or visit a local market and see all of spring’s beautiful flowers displayed. Set up the activity so that your child can do it herself. In addition to fresh flowers, she’ll need scissors to trim the stems, a few little vases to choose from, a small pitcher for water, and a funnel to pour water into each little vase. Your home will look beautiful, and your child will feel so proud knowing that she contributed.
  5. Scrub outdoor toys Your child’s water toys got a bit dusty in the long winter months. Get your child involved in cleaning them up for the warmer weather to come. All she’ll need is a scrub brush, a bucket of water, and some soap if you wish. She’ll have fun making the toys beautiful again, and you can check something off the to-do list—it’s a win-win. Perhaps the best way to enjoy spring with your child is to simply get outside, splash in the puddles, and soak up the sunshine, but hopefully, these activities will give you a new way to spend time together and enjoy the season.